The Persecuted Church

SRMC recognises the importance of praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being persecuted in many different ways in various countries of the world because of their faith. 


News/Latest Prayer Requests
ReleaseInternationalLogo July 2021.  Jihadists target Christians in Burkina Faso
BarnabasFundLogo May 2021.  Terrorists kill four Christian farmers in Indonesia, whilst Christians in Punjab, Pakistan subjected to mob violence. Please pray.
TwenPrayer May 2021.  Prisoner's Release - an answer to prayer.  For more information visit the Release International website.
BarnabasFundLogo April 2021.   Christian convert in Saudi Arabia acquitted of theft, faces further charges.  Please pray alongside BarnabasFund.
ElamMinistriesLogo April 2021.  From Elam Ministries............ A car ride, A worship Song, A gospel Conversation.  Encouragement and a prayer request
MyanmarChurch March 2021.  In the continuing crisis within Myanmar, Open Doors  requests prayer for those affected by a raid on a Baptist church in Lasio, Myanmar.  Also, read more about the work Open Doors is currently involved in with persecuted Christians.
EritreaFrontlineReport February 2021.  A  Frontline Report video  and a Refugee Support project report, both concerning Eritrea as provided by Release International.
TwenPrayer February 2021.  Read this Eritrean prisoner's profile and request for prayer.  For more information visit the Release International website.
ElamIranJan2021 January 2021.  Elam Ministries - good about the increasing growth of the the church in Iran.  For more information about the work of Christ in Iran visit the Elam Ministries website.
Pakistan Prayer Request January 2021.  Barnabasfund Request for prayer....for a Pakistani Christian girl sexually assaulted after selflessly saving her younger sister from her attackers.
Ezra Released In the October 2019 magazine of Release International prays were asked for Ezra, a Middle Eastern prisoner of faith.  He was released in April 2020read his story........


We encourage participation in the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.


This is an event held in November, this year [2020] was on the 15th, online, being a joint venture between Release International, Open Doors & CSW.  And whilst the event has come and gone we encourage everyone to keep praying for the persecuted ....with some ideas below.

Release International have produced PowerPoint presentations to promote prayer for Nigeria & India throughout November for personal use or group prayer events.



All images on this page have been reproduced by kind permission from Release International.