Sunday Supplement

From September 2021 we are changing our weekly worship video from a recording of our normal Sunday worship to a Sunday Supplement.  This is a new magazine style of worship that will vary week on week, offering prayers, short talks, readings and much more.  Who is it for? Well......everyone! Maybe you are at home unable to come to church, maybe new to the area and are looking for a church to join, or simply interested in faith and wanting to know a bit more. So join us ………new videos are added weekly.

Also..... our earlier Sunday Services are still available, our Messy Church videos can be found here, and also everything may be viewed via our YouTube channel.  In addition, there are also audio talks available that may be listened to.  All media recordings can also be accessed via our Media Centre.

Our latest Sunday Supplement is the first in a series that explores some of the mission work within the local community.  This week: : The Chippenham Foodbank.    View on YouTube or here.

20 Sunday Supp Jan 15


Sunday Supplement Catalogue

Chippenham Churches Community Projects [Jan 15th - Feb 25th 2022].  A 7-part series exploring various local mission initiatives around the churches of Chippenham.
20 Sunday Supp Jan 15 SSS 004 Jan 23rd CAP Thumbnail SSS 005 Jan 30th Prayer Cafe T SSS 006 Foodbox Thumbnail Feb
Part 1: Chippenham Foodbank  - available now. Part 2: Christians Against Poverty [CAP] - available Jan 22nd. Part 3: The Prayer Cafe - available Jan 29th. Part 4: The Foodbox - available Feb 5th.
SSS 007 Olive Branch Thumbnail Week6 Week7  
Part 5: Olive Branch Counselling - available Feb 12th. Part 6: Open Blue Bus Project - available Feb 19th. Part 7 -St. Andrews Coffee Shop - available Feb 26th.   
Sunday Supplement Specials.  From time to time one-off editions of the supplement are produced.  Here they are!
19 Sunday Supp Jan 8 SSS 001 Jan 2nd Thumbnail COP 26 Thumbnail Nov 11thThumbnail Full Service
Jan 2022.  Who is the king of the high tide? - available now. Jan 2022.  The mysterious case of Verbena Bonariensis - available now. Nov 2021.  The COP26 Conference. Climate Change: Who Cares? -  available now. Nov 2021.  An Act of Remembrance: the full service of remembrance - available now.
Advent [Nov 27th - Dec 24th 2021].  A 5-part series exploring different aspects of this special time of the year.
13 Sunday Supp Nov 27 14 Sunday Supp Dec 4 15 Sunday Supp Dec 11 16 Sunday Supp Dec 18
Part 1: Holy Suspense - available now. Part 2: Active Patience - available now. Part 3: Hope-filled Expectation - available now. Part 4:  Awe-struck Anticipation - available now.
17 Sunday Supp Dec 24      
Part 5: Christmas Edition 'A Christmas Plan' - available now.    
The 'I AM' sayings of Jesus [Oct 16th - Nov 20th 2021].  A 6-part series exploring the meaning and application of these saying of Jesus.
7 Sunday Supp Oct 16 8 Sunday Supp Oct 23 Thumbnail Oct 31st Thumbnail Nov 7th
Part 1: Jesus said 'I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life' - available now. Part 2: Jesus said 'I Am the Bread of Life' - available now. Part 3: Jesus said 'I Am the Light of the World' - available now. Part 4: Jesus said 'I Am the Door' and 'I Am the Good Shepherd' - available now.
11 Sunday Supp Nov 13 12 Sunday Supp Nov 20    
Part 5: Jesus said 'I Am the Resurrection, and the Life' - available now. Part 6: Jesus said 'I Am the Vine' - available now.    
Highways For Jesus [Sept 5th - Oct 9th 2021].  A series in 6 parts exploring different concepts about what could be highways in the life of discipleship in following Jesus.
Sunday Supp Sept 5 2 Sunday Supp Sept 12 3 Sunday Supp Sept 19 4 Sunday Supp Sept 26
Part 1: See I am doing a new thing [principles remain but methods change] - available now Part 2: Give thanks for the past whilst adapting into the future - available now Part 3: See I am doing a new thing [now it springs up, do you perceive it?] - available now Part 4: Stay super-connected, keep looking up - available now
5 Sunday Supp Oct 3 6 Sunday Supp Oct 10    
Part 5: Omnibus edition - available now Part 6: What do you do  when the Highway takes a sudden turn for the worse? - available now