New Logo Notices, News and Encouragement for January

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“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  John 16 v 33 NIV
Services for this month:

Time    Speaker Theme & Type Heart of House Team
1st Jan 10.30 am Trevor Durston Hopes and dreams for 2023.  A service reflecting on the year ahead. The children will go to their own groups after a time of worship. Annette Foster

8th Jan
10:30 am Andrew Bird Meals with Jesus.   Our annual Covenant service, where we renew our covenant with God around the communion table. The children will leave for their groups after communion. Stuart & Caroline Lay
  4:00 – 6.00 pm
Messy Church
People Jesus met and offered life, hope, & more.   A typical messy happening with songs, stories, activities, food and more!  
15th Jan
10:30 am

David Stranks
Meals with Jesus [Jesus calls Levi].  The whole church family worship and explore the theme altogether. Jan Durston
22nd Jan
10:30 am

Eddie Larkman
Meals with Jesus [Jesus anointed].  We welcome Eddie to preach for the first time at Sheldon Road. Following worship, the children will leave for their groups. Liz Carter
29th Jan 10:30 am Andrew Bird Meals with Jesus [Feeding the 5,000].  A Church with Choices service where you are invited to explore the theme in creative ways in different parts of the building. Liz & Richard Bailey
For the diary
Monday January 2nd 10.30am - Annual New Year Walk
This January we meet at the Red Lion Carpark, Lacock at 10.30am.
Sunday January 8th 4-6.00pm – Messy Church
Come and join in each month with the worship, crafts, conversation and meal. Everyone is welcome! If you can spare an hour or two and can offer to help in setting up, clearing away or taking part by leading an activity, please talk to David Stranks or Richard Bailey.
Sundays January 22nd & 29th,  February 5th - Home Fellowship Meals
Services in January/February are following the theme of ‘Meals with Jesus’.  Many encounters that Jesus had with people centred around a meal and we will be exploring just a few of these, beginning with Communion on 8th January.  We would like to encourage hospitality during this time and so we are hoping to stimulate this by having fellowship meals in homes on these Sundays .  We are looking for hosts who could volunteer to have two, three or four extra people for lunch on one Sunday. Then we will link the hosts up with those who would like to go out for lunch. There will be sign up sheets at church.  We anticipate that this will be a good time to meet some new people.
Other Happenings
See our main page for information relating to the other events and regular happenings at Sheldon Road church in January.
Other News
Christmas Thanks
On behalf of the Leadership team, I would like to express heartfelt thanks to everyone for their contributions to our Christmas celebrations at Sheldon Road.  If we mentioned everyone individually, we would be sure to miss someone out, so please forgive this rather impersonal message.  However, we are very grateful to everyone. Thanks to those who baked, served food, put out chairs and tables, decorated, peeled vegetables, sang, designed and delivered leaflets, preached, played instruments, cleaned, sang, washed up, took part in dramas and readings, welcomed, provided transport, prayed, spoke to visitors, provided PA, organised costumes, provided visuals, cleared away chairs........what a team. Thank you so much!

There is just one outstanding task to complete the season, and that is to remove and put away all the Christmas decorations. So if you are free for an hour on Friday January 6th at 10.30 a.m. you would be welcome to help. At the same time we will be sorting the large storage cupboard in the upper hall where the decorations are stored. If you have anything stored there you may wish to come along or otherwise contact me so we know what belongs to which group!  Thank you all once again;  Linda K.
More thanks – to everyone involved with making the Christmas Day meal such a success: we fed about 60 people, including some take out meals, and the volunteers were once again marvellous.  The guests seemed to have a great time together, and our sponsors (Chippenham Borough Lands, Rotary Chippenham and Morrisons) were very generous in their support.  Can you plan to be part of this lovely blessing to our community for December 2023?  Contact leadership if you want to know more.
Community Action – Warm Spaces
As the cold weather kicks in we are offering our church as a “warm space” to join other warm spaces in the town where people can come and keep warm and have a warm welcome, hot drinks etc.  We have already registered the Saturday Community Lunches with Wiltshire Council as a warm space and are planning to register our Monday morning BOCBOF as well.  But for people to take full advantage we’re looking to extend BOCBOF opening times from the current 2 hours 10.00 - 12.00 to 4 hours 10 - 2.00.  To do this we need some more volunteers!  Please do consider this as it’s a vital part of our ministry to the local community as a church.  See Mandy or Di Watts if you’re able to help.
Church Storage Reorganisation
We have been mightily blessed over the years with the building, facilities and resources we have here at SRMC, using them well for God's purposes.  At this current point in time, we stand ready to move forward with our Vision "Connecting people with Jesus for life, hope and more!" with new strategies and initiatives.  To help us meet these new challenges we want to make the most effective use of the resources we already have.  To achieve this the Leadership Team feel that this requires a reorganisation of the way in which some of these resources are currently held/stored within the building.  Therefore, in the coming months you will notice some changes beginning to appear around the building as we move through this reorganisation exercise.  Of course, groups within the church who have resources held around the building that may be impacted in any way will be consulted before relevant changes are made. If you have any queries, please contact Richard Bailey or Linda Kalbskopf.
VHS Recorder
Do you have an unused one at home that you would be happy to loan to Terry?  He is trying to copy some old videos tapes of various church events from thirty years ago into digital. So far he has tried three different machines that have not survived long term storage without regular use.  He is happy to collect from anyone that might be prepared to loan or donate one to the task.  Contact Terry direct.
Wilts Council Cost of living – Advice and Support:
We have collated a range of advice, guidance and contact details to ensure you know where to get the support you may need during the current cost of living crisis. We will keep this page updated so please share the link with anyone who may find it useful. It contains information on council tax and benefits, energy advice, housing information, mental health support, local practical help, and support available for businesses.
Living Lightly 24:1
Take the hope of Advent and the joy of Christmas into the New Year: so many things went right in 2022 regarding climate change action, but there is still so much more to do.  What should be the next steps for Sheldon Road Methodist Church to keep the focus on our own (costly?) lifestyle changes to continue being serious about our planet’s life in all its forms? Some things that went right in 2022 according to the news magazine Positive News: some banks stopped funding new fossil fuel sources; the US approved legislation to turbocharge its decarbonisation programme; the COP27 climate summit agreed to set up a ‘loss and damage’ fund to help developing nations deal with a crisis that they’ve barely contributed to; some species of animals (beavers, bison, pelicans, rhino, whales and tigers) came back from the brink of extinction; 175 nations agreed on a “historic” resolution to end plastic pollution; Repair shops and the circular economy went mainstream - efforts to slow down fast fashion gathered pace this year with big name retailers (John Lewis, Selfridges) launching rental and repair services for clothes.  Want to find out more about Positive News?   Ask Jan.
The next monthly notice will be available for Sunday 29th January 2023: if you have advance notices for that edition, please send them to or leave a note for Jan Durston in the pigeonholes.