Sunday Worship Arrangements

Both the Government and the Methodist Church office have lifted the restrictions so that churches can now open for services, and also for private prayer, but we cannot yet open for any other meetings.

Services will start at 
10.30am as usual.  Preachers are being asked to work with the media team to produce an online video service to support those still at home and the many other people who download our services.  Some preachers will not be attending the service and the video will be shown in church.  Some preachers may choose to attend as the video is shown, or they may choose to deliver the same message in person.  However singing is not allowed but we can include projected video clips and/or listen to the SRMC music group play.

The whole building is set out very differently to normal [see photos below]. Seating in the church is limited to about 40, but for the moment we're not taking reservations.  Upon arrival you will be asked to sign in to support the track and trace system. The cafe area is now a thoroughfare and not for socialising. No refreshments will be served, though one person at a time may enter the kitchen to get a drink of water. The toilets are open but only one person at a time inside each room.

Face-coverings—please note that wearing masks for all acts of worship is now compulsory for everybody over the age of 11 unless they are in one of the government categories where they don't have to.  If you need a couple of face coverings then there are some in the box on the table in the church café area, or ask Jan.

For further information please contact ask one of the stewards if you are a church member, else please contact us.


Sunday Worship Re-opening